eroflot likes foreigners


              Once I had to fly to Leningrad on business. The bus had a delay on the way to the airport and I arrived at the airport only thirty minutes in advance. But the clerk refused to check in for the flight. He told that I missed my flight and my seat was occupied dusky someone.

               I was despaired because it's not seats on the other flight to Leningrad. I went from one service room tjo other and soon I knew that our plane didn't take off from Leningrad to Moscow because of bad meteorological conditions.

               The plan wasn't in Moscow. That's way it's prohobilited to checkin for this flight. I applied for airport servicers, but nobody wanted to help me. I was unhappy.

              Then the employee from Intourist was sorry for me and offered one seat on the other flight to fly together with foreign tourists to Leningrad. I agreed. It's mean that it's not a seat for an Russian woman, but it's a seat for a foreign woman. The service them is better.

              When I got on the plane with foreign tourists the German old woman sat next to me. It was her third travel to Leningrad. I asked her why she flew to Leningrad in the thied time. She told me that she liked to learn a life. Russian life is very interesting, unusial and strange.

              I should think so! I could fly to Leningrad only as a foreignner in our country.

               Live and learn.